Sunday, January 4, 2009

Six Years

At 1:21 am this morning, our baby turned SIX.

Not too long ago, she was a not so little 9lb, 2 0z baby. She came into this world 11 days late, and had a rough start to her life. After she was born, she fought hard to live, and even as a newborn, was as determined as can be. She still is. At only SIX years old, she stands up for herself and makes sure her voice is heard. Boo is stubborn, yet loving, with a great sense of humor. She makes everyone who has a chance to know her smile. Her laughter is infectious. She is smart and willing to try anything on her own. She has few fears (although she hates the dark and spiders). Boo loves to talk (hmm, can't imagine who that came from?) and won't shut up once you get her started. She tells great stories. And she's SIX.

Our baby. Our SIX year old little girl. Where did the time go? We have treasured everyone of her SIX short years and we know we will treasure each year to come.

We love you Boo! Happy Birthday!

Boo 2 days old in the NICU

six months old on July 4

"I'm one!"

1 year old - First haircut - "why does my Mommy torture me so?"

2 years old - "cheese!"

Valentine girls (2 years old)

Chef Boo - 3 years

Piano Girl (3 years)

Girl in curls (4 years)

Princesses (4 years)

Boo and friend JT (5 years)

I'm gonna be six!

"I'm six years old now!"
Boo with her "Baby Chloe"

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Eternal Lizdom said...

I'm already having heart failure over Teagan turning 4 in a few months... your Boo's face changed so much from age 4 to age 6!!!

She's beautiful. Absolutely boo-tiful (sorry, couldn't help myself).

Happy Boo-thday!

(I can't stop!!)