Monday, January 12, 2009

Eight is Enough. . . for now


All of those words (and many more) describe the little girl who was born at 4:21 p.m., eight short years ago.

Kiki entertained us from the very beginning with her smile and laughter and hasn't stopped since. She still loves to perform and often dances for us, sings a song, or just tells us a funny story.

She is very inquisitive, and wants to know everything and anything. When asking questions she wants detailed answers, and will keep asking until she is satisfied she has learned all she can know for that time. Kiki recently asked me a question about life and while she came to her own conclusion, I know that is not the end of that conversation.

She is a generous person who truly cares about other people and is often the first one to help someone out, or give up something she wants, just to make someone else happy. She has given up her balloon for a crying child, and shared a treat with her sister, all without being asked.

Kiki is honorable, always wanting to do what is right, sometimes to please others but often because she feels that is the way a person should be. She takes pride in knowing that she is honest, kind, and respectful of everyone she meets.

Kiki is one special, terrific girl who captured our hearts right from the very beginning and continues to do so on a daily basis. We can't believe how fast these eight years have gone. We often joke with her to "stop growing already" because she has changed so quickly right before our eyes. While we know she won't stop growing and changing, we would like things to just slow down a bit to give us more time to savor it all. Happy Birthday, Kiki!

Kiki - just a few days old

Sweetheart (9 months)

1st birthday

Fun in the Sun (18 months)

Girls just wanna have fun (2 years)

Movie Star (2 years)

Silly Girl - (3 years)

Baking Queen (3 years)

I love my cousin (3 1/2 years)

Dr. Kiki (4 years)

Braid Twins (4 years)

Playing her "rockatang" (5 years)

"This is so cool!" (5 years)

Graduation Girl (5 years)

Chillin' in her new room (6 years)

Relaxing in North Carolina (6 1/2 years)

Pretty Pretty Princess (7 years)

Mixed Up/Mashed Up day (7 1/2 years)

Cowgirl (8 years)

8th Birthday Girl!

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great pictures! Hope you had a great day celebrating!