Monday, June 29, 2009

And They Danced. . .And Danced. . .And Danced

Kiki and Boo both had their dance recitals last weekend and had a blast performing onstage. "Recital" is a somewhat misleading word. The studio they attend puts on a real show. They have themes for their "recitals" and the students are on stage several times during the show, not just for their class routines. It truly is a magical experience for all of the kids involved and quite entertaining for all watching them perform.

We practically lived at the auditorium the week prior with all of the rehearsals and the actual performances. You would think that would have made them sick of dancing for a while, but no, they have been playing their recital music and acting out their dances over and over again. I could practically sing their songs in my sleep I've heard them so many times. They've even had recitals with their Polly Pockets and Barbies and have "danced" their routines in the water at the pool. I think I've had as much fun watching those "routines" as much as the ones on the stage. I enjoy watching them dance (and of course love dancing with them), just simply for the smiles that appear on their faces the minute the music starts. Even though classes are over for now, I have no doubt they will be dancing all summer long.

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Eternal Lizdom said...

So cute!! The first pic strikes me as particularly pretty. It seems to give a glimpse of how she will look as a young adult...