Sunday, June 28, 2009


Boo has an active imagination and one of her favorite bedtime stalling tactics is to tell us she is scared of the dark. She is worried there are monsters or ghosts out to "get her." After many, attempts, we've managed to convince her that monsters and ghosts only exist in the movies and shows she watches on T.V., that they aren't real.

All of that convincing just about went out the window last night when Boo and Kiki spent the night at their Uncle Mark's house. After eating pizza with their cousins, a strange thing happened. The door at the top of the basement stairs suddenly opened all by itself. Or at least that is what Boo thought, and it freaked her out. It took quite a bit of convincing (and a hilarious video) by her older sister, cousins, and Uncle, that opening a different door in the same room is what caused that basement door to spontaneously open.

Must have worked because she had no trouble falling asleep! Thanks to her fun uncle and cousins, Boo will have quite a story to tell all of her friends. . .


Eternal Lizdom said...

Those screams are HILARIOUS!

Mark said...

It will be fun to watch this again with all of them when they're old enough to watch the Blair Witch Project :)