Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Three Flower Girls and a Wedding

What happens your sister gets married, your children start school, and you get a brand new puppy, all in just a matter of two weeks? Well, for one thing, time for doing anything, including blogging, goes right out the window. Recently, this very thing happened to me. On August 13 my girls started school, August 16 we flew to California for Alison and Terry's wedding on August 17, and then we got a new puppy on August 24. PHEW! Talk about busy! In any case, I have been wanting to blog about the wedding. So here it goes. . .

Kiki and Boo and their older cousin Clare were all asked to be flower girls in their Aunt Alison and soon-to-be Uncle Terry's wedding. I will never forget the day that Alison called to ask Kiki and Boo to be in the wedding. First she talked to Kiki, who immediately said yes and was so excited! When she got off the phone she went promply to the play room, found some dress up clothes and began "practicing" her new role as a flower girl.

I'm gonna be a flower girl!

Meanwhile, Boo was having her turn to talk to Aunt Alison. I was sitting with her and noticed a funny expression on Boo's face. She was talking very quietly and almost looking sad. Then she looked at me and said "but what if I miss my mommeeeeee" and started to cry. I assured her I would be right there with her and that I was in the wedding too. She still didn't look too sure and then I heard her tell Alison, "I'll think about it." I'll think about it??!! I couldn't believe it! I thought for sure she would be just as excited as her big sister, but she wanted to "think about it." Well, needless to say, she thought about it for a few weeks, and eventually after I gave her an ultimatum decided that she too wanted to wear a fancy dress and join her sister and cousin as a flower girl.

The wedding day was perfect in my eyes. Beautiful weather, gorgeous setting and one stunningly beautiful bride. I cried when I first saw her in her dress. I couldn't believe my little sister was getting married!


I am so fortunate to have Alison as a sister. Growing up I had an older brother and as much fun as that was, I always wanted a little sister (doesn't everyone?) too. Alison is technically my step sister but I've never been much of a fan of the "step" part, and I've never thought of her that way. She is my SISTER. We didn't grow up in the same household, yet we instantly connected by circumstance and have been close ever since. When Alison met Terry, I gained yet another brother. As our family continues to grow on both sides, I just feel more blessed. We are surrounded by some truly wonderful people.

The world became a much better place when Alison and Terry were born, as they are both very giving, selfless people. They worked hard in Peru a few years ago,volunteering their time to Andean Outreach, helping to build a school and educate orphaned children. They continue to give, making time out of their busy lives, to make sure those children are well taken care of. They will also be traveling to India sometime in 2009 or 2010 and hope to work to help more impoverished children. I love how that instead of wedding gifts, they wanted donations to help them make this trip.

We were all honored to be a part of their special day. The girls especially enjoyed being in their first wedding and took their role as flower girls very seriously.

Alison and Terry, best wishes to you both! May you have a lifetime of happiness! We love you both very much.

More wedding photos. . .

Sam and Noah, two cool ushers

Beautiful Clare

Flower girls at work

Bride and Groom - together at last!

We love Aunt Alison and Uncle Terry!

Boo and Mommy

Looking for the bride and groom!

Here they come!

Flower girls dance to "Sneakernight"

Kiki dances with Daddy

Nothing like Grandma's shawl to keep you warm - Thanks Grandma!


Anonymous said...

Everyone looks so beautiful!
Glad you all had such a great time. Lovely post.

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful and I just love the flower girl dresses. May I ask where you got them or if they had a style number?