Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm a Blog Slacker

Could life get any busier? Seriously? Days are just flying by to the point I can barely get a breath. I told myself when I started blogging that I would keep up with it, and blog at least once a week, and hopefully more often than that. I have so much to write about, yet no time to do it. I keep a note pad by my computer and keep jotting down ideas, yet very few of those have actually made it onto the blog.

Why is life so busy? Well, for starters, school is back in session, which means homework (who would of thought second graders would get so much homework?), after school activities, etc. I also started working two days a week at the girls' dance studio, so there goes two days.

And of course I had this oh so great idea that we should get a puppy and now what little time I had for ME during the day is gone - POOF! What was I thinking? I wasn't thinking of course, not with my brain anyway! I was just smitten by a gorgeous, sweet little chocolate puppy and not using my brain what so ever. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE the dog, but I don't LOVE the added work to my already busy life. I finally had three hours a day to myself, when both girls were at school. Three hours to clean. Three hours for projects (can we say purge the ever-growing pile of crap?). Three hours to goof off on the computer, without sweet little girls wanting my attention. Three hours for whatever the hell I felt like doing that day. But no, I gave it all up to have a dog. What can I say, I am a sucker for punishment!

Here is a typical day for me now:

5:45 ish - wake up to hopefully shower
6:00 ish - go downstairs and let the puppy out, feed the puppy, play with the puppy, get chomped on by the puppy
7:00 - put puppy in crate and then wake up Kiki for school, feed Kiki, help her get dressed and ready to go. Maybe get a bite of breakfast.
7:45 - about the time Boo wakes up and wants breakfast
8:15 - get Kiki on the bus or drive her to school
8:30 - time for puppy to go out to potty and play outside some
9:00 or 9:30 until about 11 - maybe get a shower if I didn't get one earlier, play with Boo and keep puppy out of trouble, help Boo get dressed, etc.
11:00 - make Boo lunch
11:30 - Boo eats lunch while puppy in crate or outside again. I will eat a bite if I can.
12:30 - take Boo to school/puppy in crate
12:45 - 3:00 hopefully get some ME time, but usually puppy is ready to play play play and poop poop poop
3:00 - finally, puppy is asleep and I am wiped out. Not motivated whatsoever to clean, do projects, etc. I might empty/load dishwasher or fold laundry but usually end up goofing off on computer
3:45 - 6:00 - Get girls off the bus, feed them snack, help with homework, break up arguments, keep both girls and puppy entertained. Some days we have to go to an after school activity too.
6:00 - time to feed puppy, get dinner ready.
6:30 - puppy in crate, keep girls from killing each other, make dinner
7:00 ish - dinner if Bill is home from work. If he is late I will have usually fed girls earlier
7:30 ish - 8:45 - time to get ready for bed (or get girls shower or bath then bed)
9:00 - phew! Finally some "me" time, right? No. Wait. The puppy is wide awake now and needs to go out, wants to play. . .need I say more? Thankfully Bill is home and usually takes over puppy duty
10:00 - puppy bed time and now I can finally watch some T.V., but my body has other ideas. . .zzzzzzzz

Tired? Me too. I think I will go get some sleep now. . . .

Who could resist this sweet thing?

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Eternal Lizdom said...

Does puppy have a name?? Cuz him is adowable... yes him is... Sorry, puppy is WAY TOO CUTE!!