Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Thanksgiving Pig

I've always wanted to write a Thanksgiving post, but never have, since we are typically with our extended family. This year we are on our own (first time ever since we've been married I think!), which gives me a little time to write.

I thought about listing all of the things I am grateful for, but thought it would be more fun to share a Thanksgiving story that Boo wrote for a project at school.   She is a great storyteller, and has an active imagination.  Mix that together with her great sense of humor and the result is some pretty funny stories.  One of these days I need to videotape her telling one of her stories - to have me retell her stories by copying her words on to my blog, just doesn't do them justice.  You have to hear and see her tell her stories to truly appreciate them!

Boo is a second grader now and her class is currently learning about creative writing, something she really enjoys.  For her class Thanksgiving writing project , the teacher sent home a drawing of a turkey.  The students were told to decorate the turkey anyway they liked, and then write a story about their turkey.  Something to keep in mind while reading her story is that Boo LOVES pigs.  She has loved them since she was about 3 years old and if we'd let her, would gladly have a pig for a pet. I also included her original misspellings of words (there weren't many!), including the word "saw", which she spelled s-a-l-l.  When I helped her proofread her story and told her she had spelled that wrong, she just didn't believe me.  Took showing her the correct word in the dictionary for her to believe me.  She had thought all of this time that "saw" was something you cut wood with, and that "sall" was a form of "see." Tee hee! Anyway, now that you know the background,  here is her story:

The Thanksgiving Pig

Once opon a time there was a turkey sitting outside on his porch.  He sall a pig walking by.  He went inside and looked at his calender and sall that Thanksgiving was coming up.  The turkey went down to his basement and went over to his table.  Then he made a sign that said "Eat Pork."  When he was not looking, the pig snuck in and glued a feather on the turkey's sign.  The pig made a new sign saying, "Save Our Pigs, " then he snuck back outside.  When the turkey turned around, he axedentley grabbed both signs and he went outside.  Everybody walking by saw the signs, but they still ate turkey on Thanksgiving.  That turkey never lived again.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!