Saturday, September 11, 2010

Always Remember, Never Forget

 I will never forget. . .
the early morning phone call from Bill, telling me to turn on the TV
the horror I felt as I watched a plane hit the second tower
calling my family members to see if they had heard the terrible news
 the fear that ran through me when I realized our country was under attack
hearing the panic in the voices of Matt Lauer and Katie Couric, as the towers fell
sobbing as I heard about the attacks on the Pentagon, and the plane crash in Pennsylvania

I will never forget. . .
holding my nine month old baby tight in my arms, not wanting to let go
the sadness I felt and saw in the eyes of everyone that day
the eerie quiet outside with no planes or helicopters in the air
the almost empty streets with few cars on the road
jumping out of my seat at the sound of a sonic boom from fighter jets flying by
sitting with Bill and Cameron on the couch, glued to the TV

I will always honor. . .
 police officers, firefighters and rescue workers
the Heroes of Flight 93
the soldiers fighting for our freedom

I will always remember. . .
the men, women and children who lost their lives that day
the families of the ones who died

I will always remember. . .
that I am an American
and live in a free country

Always remember, Never forget
September 11, 2001

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