Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dinosaur bones!

The girls have been having so much fun playing with the dirt in a bare spot in our yard. One day they made a mud pit by pouring bucket after bucket of water in it. Yesterday while we were out playing in the backyard, they were at it again. Only this time they were "digging." I didn't realize it until Kiki came over to me and said "Mommy! I think I found a dinosaur bone or rock or something! Maybe it is a dinosaur tooth!" Whatever it was, she was determined to get it and they both dug until they managed to pull it out. To their disappointment it was just a "big rock". Kiki was pretty proud of her find though, and had to wash it off in the little baby pool and sprinkler before leaving it to dry on her picnic table. Boo wanted to find some rocks too, so they continued to dig and found many more treasures. Needless to say these little treasures are now in a pretty rock garden nice pile on our front porch, so they don't "blow away." Ahhhh. . . to be young again. . .

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Anonymous said...

ha ha!
Isn't it amazing with what they come up with?