Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Here!

I haven't written a post in over a month and I just wanted to let the few readers I have know that I am still here! I am alive and well but extremely busy and too tired to find time to write. I have plenty of ideas but every. single. time I sit down in front of the computer, I just can't seem to get the juices going. My brain is fried.

So much has happened since I last posted: Thanksgiving, Kiki's appearance in a local production of the Nutcracker (and her very brave performance - story to come later), Christmas, and my "I'm not 41" birthday. I really hope to be back. If not in the little bit of time left in 2009, then definitely in 2010. So please check back again from time to time. I will be back. Soonish.

Meanwhile enjoy a few pictures from the last six weeks. . .

Kiki as an Angel in the Nutcracker

On Stage

Boo "fishing" at the Children's Museum

Parent Day at dance class

A visit with Santa

Christmas 2009


Eternal Lizdom said...

I'm still here and reading!! Thanks for your advice on my post today- much appreciated.

Beautiful girls and I look forward to the Nutcracker story.

punkinmama said...

No worries. I've been much the same with my blog. Someday, we'll find time and brain energy to update! Regardless, I'll still be reading whenever you find time!

Merry Christmas! Those pics of your girls are adorable!

rananayan said...
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