Thursday, July 24, 2008

Papa's Surprise

Who doesn't love a surprise party?! Well Papa certainly loved it when we showed up on his doorstep at 11:30 on Friday night (after a 3 1/2 hour car trip). We wanted to surprise him a day early instead of showing up on his actual birthday on Saturday. The girls were half asleep after our long drive but woke up long enough to say "surprise, Papa!"

On Saturday the cousins came over to join in the celebration. All of the kiddos had a great time decorating cupcakes for Papa themselves. Pippa was especially cute to watch because she wasn't sure whether or not to put the sprinkles on the cupcake or eat them!

Later on while the little kids enjoyed a movie, the big kids grownups enjoyed a few rounds of the game Catch Phrase. If you haven't ever played this game I highly recommend it - it is a hoot. I was much better at guessing the words than I was giving clues! Just don't guess after the timer goes off, or you will give the answer to the opposing team! OOPS!

We enjoyed a superb lunch (Thanks, Nana!) of turkey and homemade noodles and all of the works! It was like Thanksgiving in the summer time, but instead of pumpkin pie, we all enjoyed a yummy homemade cake dessert. Probably the tallest cake I've ever had and so delicious. I will have to go on a diet though just to lose all of the weight I likely gained over the weekend! We will also forever have arguments over whether Shelly's dish, a strawberry pretzel "salad", was truly a salad and not a dessert!

We really enjoyed our weekend and treasure these times when we can all be together. As we all get older and the kids get busy with activities, I know getting everyone together will become more and more difficult. I just hope no matter how busy we get in our lives, that we take time out for each other. Papa said just being with family was the best present he could ever hope for, so I am glad we could give that to him. Happy Birthday, Papa!

Papa's Birthday Celebration photos

Kiki and Orlando

Boo and Austin

Pippa's turn

Look at me!


Kiki with her toothless grin cupcake

Proud Austin shows off his masterpiece

"Look, Aunt Kristi"

"Aren't I cute?"

Papa cheers on the decorating crew

How many grandkids does it take to blow out the candles?

"Is this what I would look like with glasses Mommy?"

Papa's "tall" cake

Girls giving Papa his cards and present - homemade cookies!

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mlsrodeo1 said...

You take the BEST pics!!! What a FUN visit!!!